Men's Wallet Buying Guide


A wallet is a small case used to carry personal items. Most are small enough to fit in menís trouser pockets.

Types of menís wallet in the market

Bill Fold Wallet

This is the most popular type of wallet. It has the ability to fold up giving the user access to more storage space. They can be made of many different materials, but are commonly made of leather. It also has adequate space enabling the owner to accommodate most of their items such as credit cards, identifications cards, and photos among others things. Leather wallets have a smooth feel, its color does not fade easily.

A standard bi-folds wallet folds once and it fits well into the pocket making it easy to carry around. The main pouch of the wallet is designed to hold cash vertically while its sides are meant for keeping other documents such as debit cards. Some of these wallets may come with snap fasteners to secure the wallet when it is closed. The other variety of a billfold wallet is the tri-fold wallet. The wallet has two folds with two sides overlapping a central part. It has inserts to put cards and other necessities.

The Money Clips

This is a heavy duty wallet with a metal clip that holds folded money and other documents. Men who prefer paying their bills in cash would appreciate this wallet. The wallet is designed to prevent the bulging and bulking that occurs when extra notes are put in traditional wallets.

Travel wallet

Travelers have to move around with passports and other documents. Such documents may get lost if not carried together. Travel wallets are designed to carry important travel documents together. Travel wallets are larger than other types of wallets. The large size gives them more space for bulky documents. They have clips that secure the items in them. The wallets have two note sections, a passport pouch designed to fit any passport, a card slot for all debit and credit cards and a handy pen.

Long Wallet

This is designed for individuals who have a lot of things to carry around. This wallet is usually made of leather. It has more slots for storing various documents. It also may have an ID window that allows one to easily view their ID card. Because of its length, bills can be stored in them without folding. The downside of this wallet is that it cannot fit in pocket of pants. It can fit in a briefcase, however. It may also fit in the back pocket of some trousers.

Card holder wallets

These types of wallets are specially designed to carry cards. They are small in size and have two columns of card slots. The slots are placed back-to-back resulting in a pocket that zips closed between them. They can accommodate a small amount of notes, but these have to be folded. The wallet is elegant and comfortable to carry around in the pocket. It is designed to match with any outfit. Fashionable men will like this kind of wallet.

Pay attention to the following features when you are shopping for menís wallets


Leather is the best material for a wallet. Wallets made of leather are durable. They also match with any outfit; casual or formal. Some of the questions to ask when shopping for a leather wallet include the type of leather used, its place of origin and whether it was made by machine or hand. One should also take into consideration the stitching and the lining. The lining could be done from a synthetic fabric or a similar type of leather as the whole wallet. A lining made of leather is of better quality and ends up lasting longer compared to linings made from other materials. Quality wallets should also have creases from a hot iron. The wallet's credit card's slot can be ironed to confirm its quality.

Number of folds

Bi-Fold Wallets come with one fold having two sides to accommodate all essential documents. On the other hand, Tri-Fold Wallets have two folds with two sides that overlap a central part with inserts for carrying the userís papers and other necessities. Selecting the most suitable wallet between the two depends on the quantity of cards carried by an individual. Individuals that prefer having a slim wallet would find Bi-Fold suitable while people who prefer carrying many of their documents together should buy the Tri Fold wallet. The compartments should fit the needs. Those who do not carry coins should opt for a wallet that does not have a coins compartment.


Color will determine how often the same wallet can be carried by the user. Color also showcases the userís personality. Neutral colors are best for frequent use. Black and brown colors are the most preferred one for this purpose. For adventurous personalities or those fond of standing out in a crowd, bright colors like blue and red color would be suitable. Yellow or green ones would show a manís vibrant personality.


The wallet should suit the userís needs. It must not carry all personal items, but only those that the user considers most essential. If the user prefers to carry many cards, the wallet should have enough slots to carry all of them. It should be simple enough to be carried around conveniently.


Style defines an individual. The wallet should be subtle and elegant. A stylish wallet has a small number of color tones. The stitching is done in neutral colors and in simple patterns.

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