Digital Camera/Camcorder Travel Case Buying Guide

Selecting the right travel case is not as hard as selecting the digital camera or camcorder in the first place, but there are many options to consider. Also, many photographers and videographers will learn that no one case fits all their needs all the time and will settle on several cases that together meet all their travel needs. This article will explain all the options and offer a few top brands as suggestions for where to buy your next camera/camcorder travel case.

Types of Digital Camera/Camcorder Travel Cases


Backpacks for cameras or camcorders look like regular backpacks, but are especially designed to protect your equipment. They come in a variety of sizes, from the smallest that fits a single camera and a few lenses to a large one that holds a camera or camcorder, many lenses, a tripod, a large laptop, and a large number of other great. Fitted with foam dividers, they prevent items from hitting each other and keep everything organized. One advantage of a backpack case is its size. Some equipment does not fit in anything less than a backpack case. Another benefit of this type of case is its ability to carry a tripod, though it is often secured outside the bag. The comfort and distribution of weight is excellent on backpacks and movements, such as sitting or crouching, while wearing the backpack case is not a problem. The main disadvantage of this type of case is that the gear is easy for thieves to get and hard for the wearer to get while wearing the case. Thus, equipment is less secure and the backpack has to be removed in order for the photographer or videographer to get to their gear. Hard to get to while


Holsters are small and fit a single camera or camcorder and a small amount of accessories, such as batteries, an extra memory card, and a lenses cleaning cloth. Holsters typically are carried by a wide shoulder strap, though some models also come with a belt loop. As long as it is the right size for your camera or camcorder, the holster is a very practical option. They keep the camera accessible to the wearer at all times and because of their small size, they do not get in the way usually. The only disadvantage to the holster is that it dangles loose unless it has belt loops.


Belt packs are mid-sized cases worn at the waist like a fanny pack. They usually have a padded belt to secure the bag to the wearer’s hips. Wide but shallow, these bags can carry a camera or camcorder, multiple lenses, and other mid-sized accessories like flashes. Some belt packs have extra pockets and hooks for attaching secondary bags for extra accessories. Fixed to the waist as they are, belt packs are comfortable and distribute the weight well. Also, this type of case keeps your equipment accessible and visible while being worn. Unfortunately, belt packs have to be removed while sitting, making security in public places a concern. In addition, while a smaller belt pack can be shifted for crouching, a larger one cannot and will thus be a the wearer’s waist.


Also called messenger bags, shoulder bags can be worn like a holster but are much larger. The variety of sizes means there is typically a shoulder bag for everyone’s needs, from the smallest that carry a single camera and camcorder and a few accessories to the largest that carry two cameras, plenty of accessories, and a large laptop. Shoulder bags have more pockets than a holster does and foam dividers can be moved around to keep equipment from knocking together. Some messenger bags can even carry a tripod attached to the exterior. Two advantages of the shoulder case are that the equipment is very accessible and is visible to the wearer at all times. However, the large weight on one shoulder is wearing after a long day and this type of case makes mobility beyond walking awkward.

Pay Attention to

Camera space

A camera or camcorder travel case is only useful if it protects the camera well. The camera needs to fit snugly in its intended space in order to prevent it from moving around. Movement of the camera or camcorder can mean it knocks into other items in the bag, possibly causing damage to the camera or accessory. Some cases have dividers that can be moved around to fit a variety of cameras. If your case has foam dividers, be sure they are not going to move and allow your camera to move within the compartments.

Accessory Storage

There should also be enough space to carry extra essential items such as memory cards and batteries. For some people, a bag that holds a camera or camcorder along with these few items is enough. However, if you need room for lenses, filters, external flashes, or other accessories, be sure to look for a larger bag with many pockets for organization.


A good camera travel case should have impact resistance and shock absorption. If the case falls or is impacted suddenly, it needs to be able to protect the camera from damage. The case also needs to be effectively lined with padding to protect not just the camera, but also the lenses, filters, and other equipment in the travel case. Finally, the material of the bag needs to be tough, such as rip-stop nylon or even canvas.


A good camera or camcorder travel case should grow with the photographer’s or videographer’s needs. It should be able to expand to carry a larger camera, more than one camera, or additional items you might buy in the future. In this way, the best travel cases prevent you from having to buy a new case every time you upgrade.

Top Brands and Product Lines


One of the best brands for camera cases, Lowepro manufactures all sorts of high-quality bags. In business for over forty-seven years, Most of their bags come with all-weather protection covers and lots of internal pockets. Some are even waterproof. One of their camera cases is the Photo Hatchback, a sleek backpack with multifunctional pockets, a removable padded camera box, and a side opening for easy access to your gear.

Naneu Pro

Located in Florida and founded in 1999, this company has a large number of camera bags, including many with a rough military style and a large number of pockets accessible from the exterior. The Naneu 217F Safari camera backpack with laptop compartment is a large bag that can carry all the equipment you need. It will fit a seventeen-inch laptop, two cameras or camcorders, and all the accessories to go with the electronics, including a tripod. This large case is, however, quite heavy when fully loaded.

Case Logic

In business since 1984, Case Logic believes in making it easy to bring your electronics with you when you travel. They make everything from backpacks to camera cases, including the SLR Camera Holster. This holster is compatible with most SLRs and has a water-proof base that lets the case stand without support. It has storage for memory cards, batteries, and other small accessories. Perfect for the minimalist, the holster is designed to protect your camera and withstand wear and tear.