Car Amplifiers Buying Guide

Car amplifiers can improve the sound quality of your car audio system. Most people in the market for a car amplifier are looking to improve the volume range and fidelity from an added amplifier. In this buying guide, we are going to provide you with the information that you will need to help assist you in making the best purchasing decision for car amplifiers.

Types of Car Amplifiers

Typically, car amplifiers are classified by channel type. There are a few types that we will cover briefly so that you will have an idea of what to search for.

Two Channel Car Amplifier

These amplifiers come with two channels, or a stereo pair. As far as class circuitry, the two channel amplifiers can usually be found in Class A, AB, and D. Some people think that Class A circuitry may have the best sound quality, but keep in mind that they also run hotter than the others.

Three Channel Car Amplifier

Three channel amplifiers are great to have because they are almost like having two amplifiers in one package. Their circuitry has an independent third bass/sub channel thus making this a great fit for small cars that don't have the room for multiple amplifiers.

Four Channel Car Amplifier

Four channel amplifiers offer a solution to a vehicle's audio and sound system, usually supplying amplification to the front and rear of the vehicle. Many four channel amplifier users are looking to upgrade their stock four channel sound system.

Five Channel Car Amplifier

The five channel car amplifier is very similar to the three channel car amplifier in that it's truly two amplifiers combined in one package. Basically, it has a mono amplifier that sends power to the subwoofer while there is a four channel amplifier that runs independently. This type of car amplifier is more convenient to operate, as opposed to having multiple car amplifiers. The five channel has everything that's needed all in one convenient location. Again, if you have a small vehicle with little room for the audio sound system, this would be a great choice, or to accommodate the multi-channel system in larger vehicles that have a subwoofer and front and rear speakers, such as a sedan or an SUV.

Six Channel Car Amplifier

Six channel car amplifiers aren't as popular as the others. However, this doesn't mean that they aren't useful and convenient. They are usually built to support a high powered sound system and have the capability to power up to six speakers. The six channel amplifier is usually installed in larger vehicles like vans and SUVs.

Pay Attention to

When you're shopping for the best car amplifier for your specific needs, there are always certain things to pay attention to. Let's take a look at a few things.


You want to ensure that your vehicle and speakers will support the channel type of amplifier that you purchase. You don't want to waste your money on the wrong amplifier. Thus, it's best to be well informed on the channels and how they work.


It's important to pay attention to the size of the sound equipment before you purchase it. If you own a small, two door car, you may not want to purchase car amplifiers that will not fit behind the dashboard, seats or other places in your car. Pay attention to the size of the amplifiers in accordance to the size of your vehicle.


When shopping for car amplifiers, you want to pay attention to the power they produce. Too much power could be overkill, but if you choose an amplifier that doesn't have enough juice to support your speakers, well, it may not give you great sound. You'll want to know the RMS value of your speakers and then find an amplifier that is about 2x that value.


As always, you want to find a great deal on your car amplifiers. Make sure that you have a budget set so that you can shop for amplifiers within the dollar goal. There are many great buys out there, but there's also many deals that aren't the best for the buck. Shop around and compare brands with prices.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Pioneer has been around for a long time- since the late thirties. They are a very reliable brand in terms of car audio supplies and sound systems. Customers have relied on them for many decades for their audio and electronic needs. They offer a large selection of car amplifiers at varying prices.


Alpine is a fairly new company that has been around since the late seventies. However, they are known for producing great electronic equipment that has satisfied customers for the last few decades. You can find a great car amplifier for an affordable price.


It's no secret that Kenwood is quickly becoming the one of the more popular brands in electronic entertainment. Having been around since the sixties, they've become a well-known brand for the mobile audio market.

Now that you've been given the basics of car amplifier shopping, get out there and find what works best for you. Whether you shop online or find something at a local retailer near you, be sure to remember these basic guides and you'll find the perfect amplifier to make your car stereo system sound great!