Car Equalizer Buying Guide

The acoustics within your vehicle is not going to be great. This means that the sound you hear when listening to your stereo may not be that great. With all of the outside noise and the noise from the vehicle, you will probably not get the sound you are looking for. But a car equalizer will help to balance the sound of your stereo giving you a better sound. Knowing which car equalizer to buy can be a tough choice, this is where a buying guide comes in.

Types Of Car Equalizers

A graphic equalizer allows you to see and adjust different bands of frequency that your car's audio system uses. Several filters are used within graphic equalizers that are designed to give you the best sound when precisely adjusted. Most of the graphic equalizers on the market use sliders that will be moved up or down adjusting the different frequencies.

A parametric equalizer gives you even more control than most other equalizers. With this type, you will have the ability to control the boost along with the frequency and the range of the frequency. So whether you are looking for a broad boost or a more concentrated one, you will find it with the parametric equalizer.

An EQ (or equalizer) boost is a combination of an equalizer along with an amplifier. A separate amplifier will be more powerful than the amplifier of an EQ booster, but when you are looking to equalize and amplify with one device, then an EQ booster is the way to go.

A digital equalizer has a digital menu screen that allows you to adjust the frequencies with ease. The digital screen gives you the flexibility of making precise adjustments. You can also store settings that allow you to make the adjustments to the frequencies for the different types of music you listen to and then store them. Then when you are on a station that plays a certain type of music, you can use the setting you have created for it.

An analog equalizer allows you to adjust the frequencies using sliders and dials. You can get the precise sound you are looking for, but they do not have the ability to save any settings.

Pay Attention to

Whether or not the equalizer has a front-to-rear fader

This will give you dual-amp balancing and will allow you to adjust for the proper amount of rear fill which will give you the best overall sound.

The subwoofer output and low-pass or high-pass filters

Some of the equalizers on the market have a mix of low-pass and high-pass filters. These are ideal to ensure the life of your speakers. Different speakers are designed to produce different frequencies. When using both filters, the sound will be passed onto the speaker that is designed for the specific frequency. If it is a high frequency or low frequency, the correct speaker will produce the sound. Without this, there is a risk that a speaker could be damaged by producing sounds at the wrong frequency.

Whether you are looking for a graphic or a parametric equalizer

With a graphic equalizer, there are certain points that are fixed that you can adjust. With a parametric equalizer, you can adjust more than just those certain points. This gives you more flexibility in the sound you hear.

If the equalizer has a line driver

Not all equalizers have a line driver, but for those that do, you would have the ability to adjust the amount of voltage to your amp which will give you a greater amount of sound clarity.

Whether you would like to have an analog or digital equalizer

The digital equalizer has a menu screen that will give you the ease of changing the settings. It also often has the option to create settings for the different types of music you like. When using an analog equalizer, all of the adjustments are done with dials and sliders. If you would like to change the frequency, you will need to use the dials or sliders in order to get the sound you are looking for. There is also no way to create and save any settings. You will need to readjust the equalizer whenever necessary.

Where you would like to have your equalizer installed

Some equalizers have been designed to be mounted in the trunk of your vehicle, while others have been designed to be mounted on or under the dash of your vehicle. If you would prefer to keep it completely out of sight, then one you install in the trunk is the better option for you.

Top Brands And Product Lines

AudioControl DQXS

This equalizer is best known for its 130 bands of equalization and 6-channel output.

Kicker KQ9

This equalizer is best known for its eight bands of equalization.

Clarion EQS746

This equalizer is best known for its seven bands of equalization and 6-channel output.