Men's Watches Buying Guide

Any man can find it tricky when it comes to buying the right watch. A lot of men's watches are in the market, and one must understand the features to look out for in a watch. This buying guide will equip you with the knowledge on watches and the specific features to consider when shopping for one.

Types of Men's Watches in the Market

Automatic Watches

They are known as self-winding watches. They are the most popular watches among the mechanical ones. The watch is designed to use the natural motion of an individual's arm to turn a semi-circular rotor. Through the activity, the watch's mainspring is wound rendering the manual winding unnecessary. The watch is capable of running throughout the night without stopping even when it is stationary. Automatic watches do not need battery power or an external power source to operate. They have a great history with their development having taken 250 years since their invention. It is advisable to get your timepiece a watch winder when you are not wearing. The watch winder will keep your watch running, and it can prevent lubricants from hardening over time. Modern day automatic watches have been made extremely accurate and fun.

Chronograph Watches

These type of watches are the most popular and recognized in the market. The watch can be used for various for purposes such as cycling and car racing. It is designed with a centrally placed independent second hand that can be manipulated by pressing the watch's pusher. The second hand can be stopped, started or returned to zero to suit various functions. The watches come in diverse forms including the simple stopwatch model. Others have multiple subdials for measuring seconds, minutes, hours and even tenths of a second. The first chronograph watch was invented in the honor of King Louis xviii of France. The king was fond of horse racing, and he wanted to know how much time a horse takes to finish a race. He then commissioned the royal watchmaker to build a watch that could measure the time spent on a horse in a race. Today, many watchmaker companies have been awarded patents to upgrade the original chronograph watch. The current chronograph watches include the split second chronographs, calendar chronographs, regulator chronographs and the telemeter chronographs among many others.

Couple Watches

The watches are designed in two style categories. They include the matching and complementary watches. The matching watches resemble each other almost on every aspect except the size. Complementary watches, on the other hand, have the same overall shape except for the color and decoration. The watches are designed to serve as an external symbol of love between couples.

Diver Watches

These are watches that can be worn underwater. The watches have a unidirectional rotating bezel used by scubas as a reminder of the remaining air supply. They are also built with an easily readable dial and luminous numbers. Diver watches can be fun for divers and individuals who appreciate fine timepieces.

Fashion Watches

Apart from serving the typical role of telling time, fashion watches are meant to give a certain look. The visual appeal of the watch is what matters to most of its users. The watches are designed to fit particular events and occasions, and to match every mood from a serious one to a sunny one.

Italian Design Watches

Italians have designed their watches to leverage their reputation and expertise in style. The watches reflect the luxurious lifestyles catered by the Italians. The Italian sports watch has been built to provide both comfort and efficiency. The watch is versatile and comfortable enough to be worn in any weather.

Quartz Watches

The quartz watches are affordable to anyone who wishes to own one. The first commercial quartz watch was introduced in the market in the year 1970. The invention of the integrated circuit brought the prices of quartz watches down making it affordable.

Pay attention to the following features when you are shopping for men's watches

The size of the watch

There is no typical size for a watch. The men's watches come in different sizes. Some timepieces have a large size visible from space. Men having weedy wrists could prefer a wristwatch with a case measuring 34-40mm. The watch's thickness has an effect on how it appears. A watch with a thickness of 10mm can sit comfortably under a cuff than one with a thickness of 15mm.

The straps

The straps work in binding the watch to the wearer's wrist. You may prefer going for a metallic bracelet to the one made of leather. A strap made from leather is the best choice for conventional fashion watches. The most popular strap is the canvas strap also known as the "NATO" strap. Digital watches such as the sports model consist of straps made from plastic.

The case

This is the watch's frame. The case comes in various shapes including the rectangular, round, or square shape. The finish of the case also matters. The case finish can be matte, patterned, inlaid, or shiny. Individuals that love the aspect of pimping can also find a case with a crystal pimping. A watch whose case is made of gold, titanium, or steel could be costly. You can still come across watches whose cases are made of a mixture of precious metals at an affordable price.

The watch crystal

This refers to the watch's transparent cover that protects its face. The watch crystal can be made from different materials such as plexiglass, mineral glass (the traditional glass), and the synthetic sapphire. The cheapest is the plexiglass. It is has a high probability of scratching, but less likely to shatter. The mineral glass, on the other hand, has a high likelihood of getting shattered, but less likely to be scratched. Synthetic sapphire is the most expensive type of all glasses. The advantage of a synthetic sapphire is its resistance to scratching even though it breaks easily.

The proper fit and match of the watch

The watch you buy should fit your wrist properly without moving up and down when you move your arm. The type of clothing you also have mattered when it comes to matching. Silver watches match well with colors such as gray, silver, blues, and blacks.

Top brands and product lines

Lange and Sohne

It is rather affordable and well crafted.


It is designed with first in-house chronograph movement giving excitement to users.

Audemars Piguet

It comes with a 4mm forged carbon case with titanium and pink gold finish.