Men's Dress Shirts Buying Guide

The man's dress shirt is probably the most impressionable garment that he can wear. Depending on the style, pattern, material, fit and design, it will help shape people's first opinion of the man. Dress shirts can fit all opportunities. They can be worn in a more relaxed setting or they can be worn in professional settings. In this buying guide, we will help you in the shopping process for finding the best men's dress shirts.

Types of Fits with Men's Dress Shirts

When you're shopping for a dress shirt, it would help if you knew the type of style and fit that you need or desire. This is especially true if it's for a special occasion. However, it's okay if you don't know what you're looking for. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to decide what's best for you.

Let's start with the Classic Fit

The classic fit pays tribute to the original idea of the basic man's shirt. It serves as a comfortable wear without compromising class and style. These are often great work shirts since they offer more movement and mobility.

The classic fit is designed with two vents on the back. The yoke follows along the natural shoulder line, and the body and sleeves have ample room. If you prefer to be comfortable rather than en vogue, the classic fit would be a great dress shirt for you.

The Slim Fit

The slim fit is designed to be more en vogue than the classic fit. In fact, due to its fashionable designs, it's worn mostly by the younger generations. It isn't discriminatory by any means but this particular style is intended to accentuate body image, size and shape. In other words, it clings to the man's body shape.

It comes with a higher armhole than the other fits. It isn't clingy to the skin like many spandex and workout shirts. However, it will show off your "guns" if you are a weight lifter.

Depending on the type of material the slim fit dress shirt is comprised of, many designs are made for formal occasions and events. However, if you're on the heavier side, this particular fit may make you feel uncomfortable.

Modern Fit

The modern fit dress shirt is likely the most popular garment among men. It's contemporary yet stylish. It's fashionable yet comfortable. Honestly, stylistically, it's a combination of the classic fit and the slim fit.

The main detail that stands out with this particular fit is the slightly smaller waistline. This shows off your shape while also keeping you comfortable.

Super Slim or Skinny Fit

Finally, we have the super slim (also known as "skinny") fit. It's the most tailored fit that a man can wear in the dress shirt department. It has a very high armhole that's near the shoulder. It fits like a skin tight shirt. Pretty much, the material hugs your skin.

Unless you have a certain body type that benefits from wearing this fit, you probably wouldn't feel comfortable in it. Sadly, in most cases, the fit isn't very flattering either. They cling tightly to the skin and can make you feel like you can't take a deep breath. Stick to comfort AND style!

Pay Attention To

Here is a list of things you should pay attention to when you're shopping for men's dress shirts.

The Fit

Depending on the type of fit, this will determine your comfort level and how it fits in with the event in which you will be wearing it.

The Material

The material is crucial when shopping for a dress shirt. Some materials shrink in the laundry if they aren't washed correctly. Choose a material wisely in that sense. If it's a shirt that you will wear mostly in the warmer months, heavier materials will be hotter than others. You will want material that will either help keep you cool or help keep you warm.

The Brand

Sometimes, the right brand can make all the difference. Some brands produce higher quality products than others. Become familiar with the brands that you browse through. You want to pick out a dress shirt that will last and be worth your money.

The Price

Speaking of money, you need to have a budget in mind. Some dress shirts are much higher than others, depending on the brand. You can find the same quality of shirts in a less known brand and for a lower price than other big brands. A little research and knowledge will help you determine what's best in this situation.

The Size

You need to know your size. If you don't know your size when you walk into the store, ask someone to measure you. The last thing that you want to do is to buy an expensive dress shirt only to learn that it doesn't fit you.

Top Brands and Product Lines


Nautica has been a big brand in men's clothing since 1983. Many men prefer their dress shirts for casual outings like golf or boating. However, they also offer a great line of business attire. The average dress shirt goes for about $90.00.


Express offers men's clothing at a more affordable price without comprising quality or fashion. You will find many great business attire pieces from this brand. Their dress shirts are priced around $60.00.

Jos. A. Banks

Jos. A. Banks is a men's clothing brand that has been around since 1905. This is the place to buy dress shirts for work, business and special events. Always tailored with great quality, their dress shirts are generally priced around $80.00.

Ralph Lauren

In business since 1976 or so, Ralph Lauren offers prestigious men's dress shirts and attire. Their clothing is made with high quality and class. This brand would be great for any classy event or daily professional positions. Their average price for a dress shirt is around $400.00.