2 Way Radio Buying Guide

A great way to stay in contact with someone, when in the woods, while on the road, camping, or any other time, is with a 2 way radio. But knowing which one is the best one for your needs can be difficult. That is where a buying guide comes in.

Types of 2 Way Radios


The first type of 2 way radio is a mobile 2 way radio. This type of radio works by using radio waves in order to communicate with others with 2 way radios. It is installed in a vehicle, making it mobile and giving those using it the ability to stay in touch with those they need to. This 2 way radio is great for those that travel frequently.


A stationary base 2 way radio is often referred to as a call box or intercom. It is mounted in one location and can not be used as a mobile device. Often times, it is used outside of a gated or secured area. Those wishing to enter the secured location would use the stationary base 2 way radio in order to communicate with those that are inside of the area.


Handheld 2 way radios are mobile radios that are used in a number of professions, as well as for leisure. This type of radio uses radio waves like the other 2 way radios do. They are carried on the person making them convenient to use when needed. The distance, in miles, that these radios can have between them and still work varies by the type of radio.

Pay Attention to

How you will be using the 2 way radio.

If you will be traveling in your vehicle and need to be able to stay in contact with your family, employer, or customers, then you may want to purchase a mobile radio. The stationary base is perfect for those that are looking for a way to communicate with those outside of a secured area. The handheld radios are ideal for those that work security or are looking to go hunting, camping, or would just like to be able to communicate with someone else within a closer distance.

The range that the radios will reach.

Before you purchase a 2 way radio, you will want to determine what the maximum operating range is. Another thing to keep in mind with the operating range is the amount of obstacles you may have when using it. The range for a radio is determined without obstacles in the way. If the radio's range is five miles, then you would be able to have that distance if you are using it in an open field. Once you begin to put trees, hills, houses, and other obstacles between you and the other person, the five miles will now be less.

Whether or not the radio has a privacy code.

The radio waves that are used for 2 way radios are for anyone that has one. If you have a privacy code, you will not have complete privacy in your communication, but it will reduce the chances of anyone else listening to or interrupting your communication.

The type of batteries that handheld 2 way radios use.

Some of these radios use regular alkaline batteries while others use batteries that are rechargeable. There are benefits to using each type of battery depending on your use. The rechargeable batteries are more cost effective because you will not have to buy and replace batteries when they are dead. But you will need to ensure that you will have the time to charge the batteries when they need it. If you will be consistently using the radio and do not have time to charge it, then alkaline batteries give you the convenience of just changing the batteries and continuing your use of the radio.

Whether or not you would like to have a weather channel on your radio.

Some handheld 2 way radios allow you access to weather channels that are broadcasted by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. When you have these channels, you will be alerted if severe weather or other types of hazards, such as wildfires, are heading towards you. This is ideal for those that are hunting, camping, or using the radios for other purposes in the wilderness.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Cobra CXT 1000 Series 1035R FLT

This handheld 2 way radio is best known for its numerous radio channels and additional features, such as access to the weather channel and a floating body.

Vertex VXD-7200-D0 Digital Mobile Two Way Radio

This mobile 2 way radio is best known for having over 500 channels and a lengthy warranty.

Ritron RQX-451-XT Outpost 1 Series Callbox

This stationary base 2 way radio is best known for its channel clarity for clear and easy wireless communication.