PC Desktop Buying Guide

When it comes to actually finding a PC Desktop, you absolutely have to be sure that you make the right choice. The key to understanding what type of computer is going to be best for you is that you have to first know what you want to have a computer for. There are different ideas for what a computer should be used for, and if you are attempting to simply surf the net then your buying objectives will be much different than if you were trying to accomplish a specific task. Take these items into consideration if you want to set yourself up for the best computing experience.

Types of PC Desktop Computers

Computers with Multiple Monitors

Computers that are built with multiple monitors or have the capability of using multiple monitors are great for multi use functions. Where you are executing data where you have to work on multiple screens at one single time, you have to look at multiple menu's, or you have programming uses where one screen is the input and another is the output, there are many reasons why you would prefer multiple monitors and/or stations built into a single computer.

Extreme Graphics Cards

When you think about graphics cards, they were originally the items designed for gaming, movies, and other multi media. The key is that while a graphics card helps to generate an output feed that act as an expansion card, they truly are powerful items that allow the users to send powerful information to a display. When it comes to needing specific graphics for prodution and viewing purposes, the ability to slide expansionary graphics cards can make an extreme difference in many lines of work.

Gaming Computers

While gaming computers were originally designed to have the capability of playing simple games, flight simulators, and other random items, the power that is put into gaming computers rivals almost any other application. In order for users to truly experience the sounds, sights, and even the functionality of a video game for the way it was designed and intended, the more powerful the gaming computer is, the better the full experience of the game.

Home Theatre and Home Control PC's

Some computers are designed to be sleek and functional so that users can experience a better home. While the home theatre options are still an important piece for anyone to be able to see, the current trends are also pushing forward smart homes and smart properties where everything from surround sound and lighting to temperature and locks are all integrated into a central computer somewhere within the home.

Strong Processor PCs

When it comes to anything from running highly complex algorithms and calculations to high tech number crunching for engineering purposes, financial trades and even bitcoin mining, the necessary processing speed of high tech processing computers allows you to complete your goal without worrying about the problems of burning your computer out.

Pay attention to

How Old is the Product?

Computer technology is rapidly changing. The amount of technology that can go into a miniature microchip changes all of the time, and within a few months or even weeks even the newest of technologies and computing can wind up being behind in the times. If you are trying to use your computer for functional technologies and competition, then you could be behind in the times and behind the competition quickly.

Intended Use?

The functional use of a PC Desktop computer can meet your needs easily. However, you have to be sure that you can get the most out of your hardware and equipment. If you want to have the best possible PC Desktop, then you have to be sure you are actually picking the computer that is designed and modified for your specific use. A hammer is a nice tool, but only if you are trying to pound in nails. The same is true for any PC Desktop computer.


While you might have everything in mind that you actually need your computer for, just be sure to remember that your intended use could change quickly. Even if you have the same desired use, you also have to be sure that your need of the given use won't increase. Having an upgradeable device will cause far less problems down the line.


The key to having a desktop computer you can use will also have to take personal functionality into play. While having a large computer with tremendous amounts of power is nice, it is also important to remember that a large computer could take up as much as a half of a full room (if not larger). Trying to functionally place a large computer within a house could be a bit cumbersome.

Top Brands and Product Lines


While Completely functional and ahead of its time in many ways, the idea of Apple is only tarnished for the fact that it is everything that a traditional PC is, but just operating in the inverse. People either swear by or against Apple's and in the right system they can be some of the best.

Hewlett Packard

One of the names that has been around for decades, those who use Hewlett Packard know that they are getting one of the top brands with the best service behind the product. Because of their large scale, HP has only continued to get better, bigger, more efficient, and has used that leverage to continue investing in their own product.


While not known as a brand name as much as the others, the individuals who need powerful computers that are reliable and able to be trusted for the long hall will swear by Acer.


A newer name to the popular field, Lenovo computers have become the standard for durable yet sleek computers. While the functionality and user experience is tremendous for those looking at the screen, the hardware underneath is some of the most carefully crafted components in the industry today.