Apple Laptop Buying Guide

Perhaps you are planning on getting an Apple laptop for yourself, yet you are not sure on the best model to purchase. This buying guide will provide you with an overview of the Mac models available and the specifications of each.

Types of Apple Laptops Available in the Market

MacBook Air

It is the most affordable brand of apple laptops. The screen measurements come in two; the 11 inch-screen and the 13 inch-screen. MacBook Air is suitable for individuals that are more concerned when it comes to the budget. The 13-inch model comes with a standard 4GB of RAM while the 11 inch-model has 8GB of RAM. MacBook Air models are designed with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 technology. The model is fast enough to handle daily tasks like sending and receiving emails, browsing the internet and the usage of office applications. Individuals whose jobs involve internet access and plenty of other productivity tasks are best suited to buy the model.


The MacBook model has been designed to be ultra-portable. It is light-weight and of a smaller size compare to the 13 inch-MacBook Air model. The portability is suitable for individuals who prioritize portability over other features. The MacBook screen comes in the 13-inch measurement only. It has an ultra-high resolution, which makes it capable of showing crisper images due to the Retina display. Also, it has a WI-FI that helps in connecting to any network and Bluetooth devices. It comes with one USB-C port that can be used to connect to other storage devices, printers, or any other appliance. The MacBook can handle any typical daily use efficiently.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The Apple laptop comes with a screen with a high intensity. It has many pixels that give images and texts a smooth and more appealing appearance. The computer has been designed for individuals interested in well-performing computers that are portable. The Retina display MacBook comes with a screen that measures 13 inches and 15 inches. Also, it has a WI-FI and Bluetooth features for connectivity purposes. The computer's processor, flash storage, and 8GB memory combines to give its best performance. Individuals whose job demands a lot of processing power should consider going for the Retina MacBook Pro.

Mac mini

It is apple's entry-level desktop. The computer is first enough for the general task though it is slower compared to the iMac and the Mac Pro. The computer's small size enables it to occupy minimal space on the desk. You have to provide your mouse, keyboard, and display since the it does not have them. It has WI-FI and Bluetooth features for connectivity. It has a slow performance when compared to other models, but for general usages such as emails, web browsing, and editing short video it works well.


iMac is referred to as Apple's iconic all-in-one computer. The computer has been designed for both the general purposes and heavy-duty tasks. It comes with WI-FI and Bluetooth features for connectivity purposes.

iMac with Retina Display

It is designed with an ultra-high-resolution display. The computer is designed for individuals working with high-resolution image videos, and photos. WI-FI and Bluetooth features are inbuilt for connectivity purposes. Also, it has USB 3.0 ports, two thunderbolts two ports and a gigabit Ethernet port. The iMac with Retina display is among the fastest computers when it comes to single-core performance. The most alluring feature of this model is the Retina display.

Pay attention to the following features when you are shopping for an Apple laptop


If your job involves a lot of movement, then portability is a significant aspect you should consider. The lightest and thinnest Apple computer is the 12-inch MacBook model. It has a weight of 0.92kg and a height of 0.35-1.31 cm. However, for individuals that are concerned when it comes to the budget, it is not the best option for you. The one that follows 12-inch MacBook in portability level is the 11-inch MacBook Air having a height of 0.3-1.7cm with a weight of 1.08kg. The limiting factor for these two models is their small screen-size.

Battery life

Battery duration is another factor to consider while purchasing an Apple computer. The 13in MacBook Air has the highest battery life compared to other types. The battery life can go up to a period of 12 hours and a standby period of 30 days. The 13in Retina MacBook Pro follows with a battery life of up to 10 hours of wireless web. The 11 inches MacBook Air and the 15 inches MacBook Pro can manage a battery life of up to nine hours for a wireless network.

Best storage

The capacity of files storage is another crucial factor to take into consideration if your job involves large files. Two types of storage are available, and they include the flash, also known as SSD, and the traditional hard drive. The Retina MacBook Pro has the SSD option of 256GB and 512GB. The MacBook Air is built with 128GB and 256GB storage capacity. The 12-inch MacBook come with a 256GB and 512GB storage capacity.


The fastest Mac laptop is the 2.5GHz quad-core MacBook Pro. The computer is designed with a powerful processor. The computer is costly, but its performance is worth the cost.

Graphics card and screen size

The graphic card and the screen size are important features to consider when shopping for an Apple laptop. Individuals interested in playing HD video games or any latest games require an Apple laptop with an efficient graphic card. The laptops may come at high prices, but the graphic card and the screen size are excellent for games. The screen size of the laptop is another factor to think about because it is related to portability. The intended laptop use is the determinant factor when it comes to choosing the best screen size. Individuals who work involves a lot of movement would require a computer that is ultra-portable.

Memory and Hard Drive

A buyer should consider they intend to use CDs and DVDs on their laptops. Not all Apple computers come with a CD unit.

Top Brands and Product Lines

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch; this is the most all-rounded of Apple computers.

13in-MacBook Pro with Retina Display; it offers the best performance.

12in MacBook; give high portability.