Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide

For those that love to golf, but maybe need some help with their game, or even professionals that are looking for a faster way to determine distances, you may want to consider a golf rangefinder. But knowing which one is the best one for you can be difficult. Using a buying guide will help make this decision a little easier.

Types of Golf Rangefinders

Laser finders are a device that you can use to determine the distance between you and a certain point. It uses a laser beam to reflect off of an object and then tells you what the distance is. Because of the way that they work, laser finders are an accurate way to tell the distance. You can find them in either a binocular or monocular model. When you use the laser finder, you will find an object, such as the flag for your next hole, or an object near it. Once you have an object in mind, you will then line up the sights of the laser finder with that object. The laser then bounces off of the object and returns the distance to it.

A golf GPS, or Global Positioning System, uses satellites that orbit the earth to calculate the position of all things on earth. When you look at a GPS, you can see exactly where you are standing and where everything around you is. This is no different with a golf GPS. While you are standing at a golf course, you can take a look at the golf GPS in order to tell you where you are and how far it is to the next hole. With golf GPS, you will need to ensure that you download the coordinates for the course that you are using before you try to use the GPS.

Pay Attention to

How accurate you would like or need the golf rangefinder to be

A laser finder is going to be more accurate than a GPS. It will give you nearly the exact number of yards between you and the object you are pointing at. You can even get the yardage to the hole on the green, rather than just the distance to the green. A GPS will give you a relatively accurate distance but not quite as good as a laser. Clouds, trees, or other objects can interfere with the satellite at times which will have an effect on the accuracy of the distance.

How easy it is to learn how to use the rangefinder

If you are looking to quickly go through the instructions and be ready to use it, then the laser finder is better for you. You can quickly read through the instructions and understand how to use it. Depending on the type of GPS and the number of features the GPS has, it may take more time to learn how to use it.

How steady you are

When you are using a laser finder, you need to ensure that you have a steady hand so you can get an accurate reading. If you are shaky when you are trying to get the distance, you may not have an accurate distance. With a GPS, you do not have to worry about being steady. You will be able to look at your GPS and determine the distance no matter how much you move the device.

How long the battery will last

Both the golf GPS and laser finder run off of batteries. When the batteries run low, the devices will then need to be charged. How long the battery will last between the two devices does differ though. With the laser finder, you will be able to play many rounds before it needs to be charged. It could be a year or more before needing to charge it. The batteries in a golf GPS will need to be charged after just a couple of rounds.

Whether or not you want to update the device

With a laser finder, you will never need to do any updates. There are no preloaded layouts of the different courses that you need to worry about. No matter what course you go to, you will be able to point at an object and get the distance to the object. With a golf GPS, you will need to download updates on it from time to time. If you are going to a new golf course or there have been changes to the course you are going to, you will want to ensure that you connect your GPS to a computer and download the necessary updates.

Top Brands And Product Lines

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

This laser finder is best known for its speed, accuracy, and JOLT technology which allows you to quickly lock onto any target.

Leupold Gx-3i Series Digital Golf Rangefinder

This laser finder is best known for its accuracy, using PinHunter technology which allows you to lock onto your target while ignoring obstacles in the background.

GolfBuddy VS4

This golf GPS is best known for its small size and long battery life.