Space Heater Buying Guide

Space heaters are a great way to keep yourself warm when the temperature begins to drop. You can easily heat up a room using a space heater, but knowing which heater is the best one for you can be a tough decision to make. This is where a buying guide comes in.

Types of Space Heaters

A radiant heater uses conduction as the heating method

This type of heater is great for heating a small area or room. It will take quite a long time to heat up a larger room with this heater. A conduction heater has the ability to maintain a more consistent temperature once it gets to the temperature you are looking for. The coils that are used to produce the heat give off a little bit of light as well, typically as much as a lit candle. Caution should be used around radiant heaters as they are often extremely hot to the touch.

Non-electric heaters run using natural gas, propane, or kerosene

This makes them ideal to use during a power outage. The heating method for this heater can be either conduction or convection. Most of these heaters are made to heat smaller rooms or areas. Non-electric heaters should be used in an area that is well ventilated or needs to be vented out of the house or building. They are great when heat is needed in an emergency situation.

Radiator style space heaters use conduction as their heating method

They are great for heating small areas, but can easily be used to heat up larger rooms or areas as well. They take a little bit of time to heat up, but they produce a good amount of heat once warm. The fluid inside of the radiator style space heater does not need to be refilled since it does not burn up. This type of heater is hot when touched.

An Infrared heater uses radiation as its method for heating

The amount of heat that is produced by this type of heater will vary depending on the type of infrared heater. Some of these heaters will produce more heat than others. This type of heater does not cause a home or room to begin to feel dry because it does not pull moisture out of the air like others do. There have been some concerns with using this type of heater regularly within a home due to the radiation, but no studies have been completed.

Micathermic heaters use convection or conduction as their heating method

They are great for heating smaller rooms or areas. Micathermic heaters will heat up quickly to give you the heat you want fast and typically do not overheat. This type of heater may be a little warm to the touch, but is generally a safe heater.

Ceramic heaters use convection as their method of heating

They are good for heating a medium or small sized room or area and will heat it quickly. This heater will stay cool and can be touched without worry of burning anyone that touches it. It is an ideal type of heater to have around children because the outside of it remains cool.

Pay Attention to

The size of the heater

You will want to determine what room you are looking to heat. You want to buy a heater that is the right size for heating this room. You do not want one that is too large, it will heat up the room quickly, but will draw more electricity. You also do not want one that is too small, it will take too long to heat up the room and could cause it to overheat from working too hard. Measure the room in order to determine the square footage of it. You can then determine how many watts your heater will need to be by multiplying the square footage by 10.

The physical size of the heater

You will want to determine where you will put the heater after you purchase it and keep that space in mind. You do not want to buy a heater and bring it home just to find that the heater is too big for the space you picked.

Safety Features

In order to ensure the safety of your home as well as people around it, you may want to consider buying a space heater with certain safety features. An overheat protection switch will protect the heater from overheating. If the heater begins to get too hot, the switch will detect it and turn the heater off.

The tip-over protection switch is another great safety feature to have. If the heater is ever accidentally tipped over, the heater will automatically turn itself off. This will help to protect your home from catching on fire.

If you have children that may be in the same room as the heater, you will want to find one that will be cool to the touch. This will help ensure that they do not get burned if they touch it.

Amount of Noise

Depending on where the space heater is going to be located, this may or may not be a concern. If it is going in your living room, you will likely want one that is quiet, so you do not have to talk over it or turn the TV up too loud just so you can hear it. Typically, heaters without fans will be quieter than those that have fans. When you are looking at the specifications for the heater, look at the decibel rating. The higher the rating, the louder the machine is.

The Looks of the Space Heater

The days of only being to find a standard white or black heater are gone. You can still find those heaters, but you can now find heaters that will fit better with the d?©cor in your home. You can find one that looks like a fireplace or an end table. Knowing what will look best in the room you are looking to heat will help you find the one that is right for you.

Top Brands & Product Lines

DeLonghi DCH7093ER - Top in safety features.

Optimus H-7328 - Top in effectively heating.

Lasko 6462 - Top oscillating space heater.