VOIP Conferencing Station Buying Guide

Usher Steps for Buying a VoIP

A VoIP is a popular advanced technological service system tool that plays the role of a telephone. Nowadays, VoIP facilities are mostly considered by corporates over analog phones because of their better advantages. An individual or corporate purchasing a VoIP tool should have vast knowledge on the different types of VoIP tools available in the market today to make the best suitable choice.

Types of VoIP systems

Different VoIP systems are also of different nature. A VoIP system could be a;

Software VoIP

These are free systems, which can be accessed from the internet on computers. They mostly work through internet networks. They are recommended mostly for start-up or small companies. Different VoIP service tools include applications such as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, and Blackberry Messenger among others. Before considering, which application to use, one should consider understanding the features and functions of the software. It enhances proper evaluation of different varieties, which helps in deciding the best suitable one.

Hosted VoIP

These products are mostly sold by separate private companies. They require specialized personnel for basic manual installations. A Hosted VoIP can serve both large and small businesses. It is more expensive compared to a Software VoIP. Its main advantage is that it allows you to narrow down to a specific desired VoIP service, which you find most appropriate for your business. They also help increase the productivity in the company.

Self-hosted VoIP

Companies may also consider being in charge of their VoIP system. It suits companies that have the necessary skilled persons and manpower to handle the VoIP. Self-hosted VoIP systems are cheaper that then hosted ones.

The four main types of VoIP systems are;

Access integrated VoIP

The system is a merge with the analog phones. Itís mostly recommended for start-up businesses. To administer it in the company is quite easy because you can still use the analog equipment or accessories. Its affordability makes it a considerable choice.

SIP to SIP connected based VoIP

The first-time installation may be found expensive since one is expected to buy some new hardware accessories. It is most appropriate for already established companies that wish to upgrade to the latest technology. Unlike the previously mentioned product, it is quite expensive.

Managed IP PBX

This type of product is almost similar to the SIP-based VoIP, but the slight difference is that the VoIP service is conducted by a provider. The outsourced service provider maintains the product at a negotiated fee for you. Many companies that cannot afford to buy self-sustained VoIP equipment consider this product cost friendly.

Hosted IP PBX

Itís a product whereby the service provider does delegated functions on behalf of the company. Most companies consider it to reduced work log and invest more energy in the business itself. It is also approved for its guarantee of function, meaning that upon technical hitches, the hosting provider is in charge resolving the issues.

Following the high rise of the economy, advancement in technology and rapid growth of industries, use of VoIP systems has become rampant. Many say itís the next new order of communication in the world. Companies such as global online markets have made use of these VoIP systems to connect to customers around the world. VoIP systems have also promoted human interactions globally. The main advantages these VoIP systems are that they effectively reduce the cost of communication around the world and that any company or person can access these systems regardless of company size or even location.

Pay attention to aspects when purchasing a VoIP

The rampant growth in technology is the main reason for the increase in the different types of VoIP systems. Different VoIP systems have different features and offer different functions. Itís, therefore, necessary to have sufficient background knowledge on them. This will help you make the right choice when settling on which VoIP to purchase. Also, there are different facts that one needs to pay close attention to when deciding on the best suitable VoIP to purchase. These considerations are necessary because, although genuinely good, not any just type of system fit the desired wants of people or companies. Below are some brief, well-illustrated guidelines and considerations, which one may follow when purchasing a VoIP system.

Consider a cost friendly VoIP

Evaluate the prices of the current VoIP systems available in the market. This helps identify the products, which fall within your budget.

Assess the different features and functions of each VoIP

Note that different VoIP products offer different kinds of services. Analyzing the functions helps you to know which VoIP will suit you and the intended purpose.

Consider the reliability of the VoIP

Reliability is necessary for business; an unreliable VoIP may result in losses for your business. Therefore, itís necessary to ensure that the system is legit.

Assume a VoIP service that is maintenance friendly

This is necessary to avoid multiple or large expenses in your business in future. It also makes you aware of the required basics for healthy maintenance of the service.

Review the comments of other customers using the product

The customers already using the VoIP products give the authentic comments about them. You can study these comments to determine, which systems most customers have appreciated and also the ones they have complained about. It helps get a view on which system to consider.

Top Brands and Product Lines

The market is now flooded with several available VoIP products. The following are well known suitable brands that you can consider fit to purchase;


Itís recommended for corporates that need to make conference calls since it allows screen sharing.

Phone Power

Itís recommended mostly for large international companies because it can make international calls.


Its main advantage is that itís easy to set up.


The brand comes with a sixty-minute free international call and offers free calls to Canada and Puerto Rico.


The brand is cost friendly and comes with a free second line.